BishopKnight LLC.

Merger Services

BishopKnight LLC. provides sellers with comprehensive representation, guiding them through each step of the sale process. We develop individualized exit strategies and work closely with each seller to ensure a smooth and successful transaction that maximizes your company’s value. We have a nominal minimum fee, and unlike some of our competitors, our fee is calculated on the actual price the company is sold for and not the asking price. The fee is only applicable when a transaction is successfully completed. There are no upfront fees, hidden charges, or cancellation fees. Our goal is to provide the best possible outcome with the lowest risk to you.

We only work with those parties able to show and prove themselves to be an Accredited Investor as described by the U.S. SEC.

Our process starts with a free confidential analysis and valuation. We will discuss what you are looking to accomplish through a sale and what the current market entails. We understand that each company is unique, with many facets that must be considered. Once we have established a fair market asking price, we compose a customized “blind” executive summary that is designed to highlight key value drivers while intentionally concealing the identity of the seller. This summary is used to profile the opportunity to qualified prospective buyers before they sign a confidentiality agreement.

BKLLC only executes confidentiality agreements with seller approval to qualified prospective acquiers; who are both operationally, financially qualified and have resources to close a transaction.

After a confidentiality agreement is executed, we provide a preliminary data package to prospective acquiers as a basis for further discussion about the opportunity. In order to protect the confidentiality of the seller, greater detail about the seller is only provided on an as-needed basis as required by prospective buyers who have signed a confidentiality agreement and wish to offer a Letter of Intent.

Once an offer is made, we will consult and support you through due diligence and closing of the transaction.

Our success fee is nominal.
Please give us a call to discuss your goals.