BishopKnight LLC.

Acquisition Services

BishopKnight LLC.

Represents acquirers that are looking to purchase other companies based on specific criteria such as industry, revenue size, location, scale-ability, market depth, SIC code, Etc. When you engage BKLLC, our team of professionals located nationwide will perform a dedicated search on your behalf to identify specific acquisition candidates. We will systematically contact every potential that fits your criteria and discuss the potential of being acquired at that time.

BKLLC only work with those individual parties and companies able to show and prove themselves to be an Accredited Investor as described by the U.S. SEC.

BKLLC will need a full bio on your company;

BKLLC will need to build an book of facts using the above information for potentials to review, this book would share with the potential - your firms history, current ability, future, seeking to acquire, and a draft of a transaction.

BKLLC fees to acquirer is an upfront fee equal to xx% of the potential success fee.
Please give us a call to discuss your companies goals.